Press Release 2023.05.04

Oak Cottage is Named One of Illinois’ Most Endangered Historic Structures

Based on a nomination by Naperville Preservation, Oak Cottage  has been selected as one of Landmarks Illinois’ 2023 Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois.  The press release can be found here

And the full list can be found here:

Naperville Preservation is an historic preservation organization dedicated to being an independent voice for the preservation of heritage buildings and other structures.  Landmarks Illinois is the state’s leading voice for historic preservation and annually creates a list of Illinois’ most endangered historic places.  The 2023 list of endangered places was unveiled Thursday, May 4. A recording of the press event is available here:


Oak Cottage is a 173 year old white clapboard farmhouse begun in 1850 by William Briggs Greene, one of the first European settlers in DuPage County. 

Historically Oak Cottage is significant because it is a tangible piece of the agricultural and economic story of DuPage County.  Environmentally, Oak Cottage sits on top of a unique place in our historical landscape, land that visibly marks the transition from prairie into farmland, and now back again to prairie.

Oak Cottage is integrally associated with the iconic neighboring Greene Barn.  The structures are located on the northwestern 14-acres of the Greene Valley Forest Preserve. Though many of the outbuildings and the original log carbon have been lost to time, these two structures remain tied to each other to present a full story of the Greene Farm and early DuPage County.


Oak Cottage is now owned by the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County. The FPDDC current official master plan, adopted April 11, 2023,  says that unless an acceptable alternative use is found, “the structure should be removed from the landscape.”

Naperville Preservation encourages FPDDC to find a new use for Oak Cottage that is in keeping with their mission, “To acquire and hold lands for the purpose of preserving the flora, fauna and scenic beauty for the education, pleasure and recreation of DuPage County citizens.” 

Once demolished, Oak Cottage cannot be replaced.