The Netzley house
The visitor center for the Naperville Millenium Carillon is the historic Bud Goetsch house.

Preservation Resources

Below is a list of some historic preservation resources.

J. L. Nichols House
Built circa 1890, this is the home of J. L. Nichols who donated funds for public library.

Preservation Exploration

Below are some resources to help explore Naperville's historic places.

  • Naperville Preservation Virtual Tours:

  • Naperville Heritage Society Historic Walking Tours

    • Downtown: A tour bounded by Chicago Ave., Main St., North Ave., & Ellsworth St.

    • Eastside: A tour bounded by Highland Ave., Wright St., 4th Ave., & Ellsworth St.

    • Westside: A tour bounded by Porter Ave., Washington St., Douglas Ave., & West St.