Ronald J. Keller 1939 - 2024

Ron's favorite Naperville Building was the Naperville Municipal Band Shell at 55 Concert Ln.

In Remembrance of Ron Keller

Ron Keller, a Board Director of Naperville Preservation since its inception, regrettably passed away on January 24, 2024. Please read his obituary on Legacy. We will miss him along with his contributions to Naperville Preservation and our community in general.

Ron was a 5th generation Naperville native and the legendary leader of the Naperville Municipal Band; music was in his DNA.

When Ron was born, Naperville had a population of 4200!  38 years of teaching music, 55 years as leader of the Naperville Municipal Band, one of the premier community bands in the country!  When he was not busy with music, he liked to garden, fish, and work on model trains.

Ron worked hard to save Old Nichols Library. Here he is when Save Old Nichols Library (now Naperville Preservation) was visiting the building.